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Feedback from classes

You know I love yoga by now but did you know that I am always surprised to get positive feedback from strangers… bet you didn’t. In fact I am genuinely so surprised that I never know what to say, dealing with people that make negative comments is easy but when a pile of positive feedback comes your way how do you stay modest, without ego and humble whilst feeling elated and excited that people are happy with the yoga sessions you provide…. this is the quandary that I face when this happens.

Just the other day I had an amazing conversation with a potential new student, Carol is a shiatsu massage artist from outside the Glen Innes NSW area and when her first words to me where, ” I have a few of your ladies come and get massages off me” I immediately became nervous thinking OMG I am hurting people. Luckily this was not the case as I asked her if they where there due to my yoga sessions which she assured me they weren’t.

After the initial panic and anxiousness subsided I was able to ask her a few questions regarding the usual stuff we need to know so that we don’t injure people ( Ahimsa remember). Carol then provided me with vague but positive feedback from clients of hers which made me feel fantastic as I hadn’t hurt anyone, been authentic and true to myself and my own style that is not any particular form but a melding of hatha, yin and vinyasa, with the added benefits of the Yang Chi that I developed through the guidance of a higher power.

I am sure that I am not alone in the questioning of ones own abilities and the occasional need to hear that you have been a capable teacher. When this happens however it can leave a lot of different emotions swirling through that you don’t realise that one person could feel in such a short time, starts with nervous anxiousness, followed by elation then a little pride creeps in and finally just happiness. All these emotions are natural and realistic but as yoga teachers we are tought to be humble, remove ego, and just be, not the easiest job in a small country town where people generally know your business before you do.

Finding an amazing yoga teacher can be difficult as its not just the yoga you need to feel the flow of, you need to feel a genuine connection with your teacher, a comfortability with the setting, and relaxation that you want be hurt, you will be safe and that your best interests are put front and centre. I don’t have a big practice group they are more buddies that I enjoy doing a personal practice with, I do have a large family so starting the much desired studio will have to wait as I can’t be there 7 days a week ( money) . I enjoy what I do even with the driving and distances involved and want to continue to here that people are benefitting from yoga.

I studied my Level 1-2 and Yin yoga through My Health Yoga at Burleigh heads QLD, the lovely Carrie-Anne fields was my teacher and her philosophies of life and practice were inline with mine. Here is a link to her site for anyone wishing to start thier own yoga teaching journey or just to deepen their knowledge of yoga for themselves.

My Health Yoga teacher training.

Yoga Australia – link to find teachers and training courses.



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