Crystals and yoga combined

There are a few things in life I love and number 1 will ALWAYS be my Husband and Children, after this in no particular order are, yoga, relaxation, honesty, friends, crystal and life.

I have been told a few (lots) of times that I’m weird, my expectations and, oh what’s the word for it should know I have had people say it to me a bit um 😐 oh yeah can’t think so I will go with bar yeah bars good 😊 that my bar is way to high for people to climb over. 

This said I’m ok with it as at least I’m being authentic to me and those close to me know that they are getting the real deal not some fake pretentious git, so when I pull out crystals at yoga and combine them into my practice and the practice of others they simply say wow can I choose my own crystal. 

I know for others that use crystals that they never Ever allow people to touch them but hey why not let them immerse themselves in picking what they are drawn to after all the crystal is calling them not me and they can only benefit from the experience and at the end I cleanse them and recharge them anyways.

Most of the time those that do use the crystals in our classes find that their meditation session at the end ( savasana mine is more meditation) is deeper, more fulfilling and the leave with that beautiful yoga stoned glow that is perfection. 

So for those who haven’t worked with crystals here is a get started list that will help to energise your practice of both meditation and yoga. Chakras related for ease of use.

1. Clear quartz, this is for your crown chakra, this is where we travel to full spiritual enlightenment and samadhi ( bliss) this sits above your head or at the top of your mat.

2. Your third eye chakra is best with an Amythst, this helps with spiritual awareness, inspiration and helps to gain enlightenment. Place near the mat at the placement of your eyes. 

3.. Lapis lazuli for the throat chakra helps to clear unsaid, unfinished issues that block them he chakra. place this at throat level near your mat.

4. Rose quartz  or jade, for your heart chakra. This stone represents love. plexus, your strength centre where you channel your strength and help to achieve to goals that you set. Use the anber, citrine, and place it at belly button height next to your mat.

6. Sacral chakra situated at your pubic centre so pace beside the mat at pelvis position, use the carnelian Stone for this.

7. Base chakra, the red zone use garnet or coral for this, you can alternatively use a smokey quartz or obsidian these two are black in colour and are used for grounding the more flighty person. Place this at your base feet area.

So there you have it a simple but effective way to start using crystals in your practice if nothing else the colours will have an uplifting effect on our mind and with an open mind you will start to feel the gentle vibrations of your crystal. 

Just remember when purchasing go with what you are drawn to as that’s the one calling you. Cleanse your crystals after use by running them under water for a few minutes, recharge them by placing them out on a full moon 🌕 and place the points into the earth. Gain maximum healing energies by having them out the night before the full moon. 

You will enjoy he crystals in your home and in your practice and will at some point realise that since placed in your home it has become more harmonious. Enjoy with live in learning.
Namaste 🙏 


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