Stress- Friend or foe?

I am not usually one that gets stressed out (hot headed) but today and yesterday I have found my stress levels (annoyance) higher than normal, yes I know that the full moon plays a role in the great emotional upheaval but the trigger happens to be a very trivial one and one that I just can’t shake.

Yep that’s right I stepped on a kids toy and looked around and got it into my head that the house look like a dump ( it doesn’t really just irrational thoughts) so once this happens I start with a mild rant building slowly at first to an all out explosive outburst of ” why the hell can’t people see that the house looks like SHIT” over excitable by this time. 

That’s right I had flipped my lid and become crazy lady running from room to room trying to justify why I felt this way and that the problem was real.

The fact that I am writing this down would tell you that at 10am AEST there obviously wasn’t that much to do and that I now have to get dressed and go out and try to explain to my beautiful family that mummy’s sorry and she will try not to be crazy again. The problem is they will all be amazingly understanding and make me feel shame and guilt even though they are just being supportive.

So as it happens I have decided that stress of this type does not benefit me at all and probably doesn’t benefit anyone else. 

Moral to this nonsensical rant is that no one can win here especially me and I still feel a little annoyed 😒. Let’s all meditate on it 🕉🕉🕉🕉🕉
Hope your day is amazing 😉 



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