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Yoga the spiritual side. 

You here a lot about yoga not all is true and the one thing that is definitely not true is the aspect of religion.

Most people believe that yoga students, teachers, practitioners, swami, guru are either non believers that wish to convert good people to the way of sexualise sin or that they wish to push a Buddhist, Hindu lifestyle on their pupils. 

I can honestly say that this is a minority group not all go out to teach this infact most like to keep the spiritual, religious side of yoga out (me included). 

So here’s the deal on yoga and religion/spiritualism it is up to you when you come to a class that has the spiritual aspect in it generally the teacher will tell you that it is between you and your personal god/goddess this doesn’t mean the you have to believe in a god/goddess it is simply a statement that encourages you to be more self aware. Your own personal god could be you, Jehovah, God, Muhammad, or any Hindu god. It could be anything and is left up to your own personal interpretation.

With this in mind you have no reason not to try yoga as we have dispelled the myths that you need to be flexible, or that yoga teachers are trying to convert you to a religion and the one that you have to eat only vega/vegetarian foods. 

Enjoy the new and exciting experience of trying something new.

🙏🕉☮️ Namaste 🙏 



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