Relax, have patience and respect for life

There is very few rules that are a real must in life but the few really important ones are respect, love, trust and patience. When you have these you are ready to have a fulfilled life.

When we fight so hard for the unimportant things ( money, cars, materialistic assets) in life we start to feel dissatisfied and out of sink with ourselves, the surrounding environment and then our lives, we start to blame others for being restrictive, controlling or just for being there.

I have been through this myself, I have felt unfulfilled due to childhood mistakes, parental controls and an assortment of other apparent obstacles. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago when my sister in law asked some questions about some deep dark stuff that I had buried and really didn’t want to re-emerge that my life took a change in direction dramatically, I realised all the things I thought I knew where not real and all the things buried deep where. This was the beginning of a massive clear out spiritually, mentally and physically for me.

Though the aide of my own yoga teacher Carrie-Anne Fields I did a beautiful forgiveness meditation which despite what you may thing was anything but peaceful, this then had me write a letter to the person that had impacted deeply on my life in the diary about to expire and followed by burning this. I realise this sounds a little witchy, pagan ( which incidentally means farmer/rural dweller) but it worked for me.

Since doing this I have found the peace, trust, harmony that my life has always craved, I have realised that the things that I figured where important aren’t ( money etc) I have become totally relaxed in the family life I have helped to create and I have let go of the dreaded ego that held me back. I also did one thing that everyone needs to do and that is forgive and release the aggression, pain and vicim from the past. Forgive and move on from the perpetrator of the offensive in your life ( whether yourself or another)  and a massive one is not blame what happened in your past for your behaviour now, you are responsible for all things that you have done since and will do in the future despite what has happened in the past. If you give the past credit for your future mistakes or successes you aren’t living the wonderful life you should be.

This article is a cleansing cathartic release for anyone that wishes to start fresh and gain the peace and harmony, success and love in life. This article is of no use to those that prefer to continue to blame and hate for the life they lead now.

Love’n’Light to all


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