Mothers the way we live 😊

People assume two things when you have children, 1. That you must be so busy that you never get any time for yourself (you poor thing) or 2. That you spend your days playing games on the floor, outside, cooking biscuits or other such nonsense. While dad is at work earning the living that puts food on the table and a roof over our heads I am going to give you the inside track of a mothers life, let’s read this while we are running on the treadmill, elliptical or something of the stationary variety.

Firstly, let’s get ourselves out of bed ( kid woke you up last night cause they got cold) grab that ever needed cup of coffee thank the gods that this substance exists, let’s go with me as I have four little souls that run the daily schedule here. Check the time yep it’s just 6am you have loads of time to do the school lunches, get children dressed, shoes on and breakfast completed the bus doesn’t come till 8.10am and you only have to leave by 7.45am to make it. Oh hell the baby wants to get carried while you get breakfast and the toddler doesn’t like the breakfast choices the two older are starving. All done, feed , watered and happy time to load them in the car and take Nayer to school. Mission accomplished and it’s now 9am and nap time for baby.

Now I personally get the washing on and out while Gypsy is napping and spend a bit of time encouraging my boys to use their imaginations whilst I am doing this so when Gypsy wakes up I am settled and ready for the hungry 😋 hoards to enter and be feed this is about 11am so lunch is ready, fruit platter and sandwiches good to go for the three and all is calm and I’m thinking I might get some training in today( woohoo)😁 .

Afternoon is chilled we play pirates, get Gypsy her afternoon nap and add a group Fit session or animal yoga session to the play. This is a good hour before Nayer needs picking up from school ( dinner is in the pots ready to go by this time and the sausages are slow cooking for when Nayer gets home from school) by the time we have picked up Nayer, it’s 4.30pm dinner is just about ready, baths are nearly done and we are settled with homework completed. It’s 5.30pm now kids are watching tree fu tom full and happy 😊 and it’s half an hour before the tired crankies starts to give the call to bed. Bedtime 6-630pm with a story, cuddles, kisses and loads of sweet dreams offered.

This is a sample day and now the evening is here I might do a Yoga or weights session, fold clothes or crash on the couch, not really sure yet but pretty sure the last is going to be the winner tonight.

Most mothers get this type of day and don’t complain or even register that they have been on the go all day and quite a few work part time to help pay the bills, give that little extra luxuries that the family love.

At the same time a lot of mothers are made to feel guilty for being at home, enjoying their children and being a mother.

Next time you wish to judge the mother at the supermarket for ignoring the tantrum that baby jake is chucking or the mother that’s struggling to get little Lucy into the car, remember that these women are doing the best they can just as your mother did so get behind them and support their efforts to raise great children instead of supporting the people who believe that they know better.

So from me to you thank you for everything mothers .
Namaste 🙏


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