When your taught by the DIVINE mother 

There are those that learn from books, visually, vocally and spiritual. Then there are the times when all that is put aside and you find someone who has been given the information from the highest spiritual mother this is the divine, the best teacher and guide in the universe. 

I was outside in a rain storm one evening doing some yoga in the pouring rain, when I asked to be guided throughout my yoga practice. Suddenly I started moving in a unique way for me and went with it. When asked what this was called I was answered with Yang Chi. This style was energetic with a beautiful tai chi flow ( I have never done tai chi before) it was amazing and at the end I felt invigorated and energise so much so that I went for a run in the rain as it got heavier and loved every minute. 

Those that know me really well would tell you that this is out of the normal for me as I don’t usually like getting my hair or feet wet unless going swimming or showering, yet here I was drenched through and loving every moment of it.

This is why I have now realised that there is Devine teaching when you open your heart and mind to it and this form that I was taught I have taught others and it has had a major and profound cleansing upon them. I have been the vessel that this has come through and it has helped myself and the few others to become centred, cleansed and uplifted in very different ways. 

So I wish to thank the universe, God and the Angels for the guidance they gave me that day, I am very grateful and blessed that they found me worthy of their divine teaching.
Blessings of Love and Light to all.

Namaste 🙏 


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