8 limbs of Yoga

Anyone who does yoga probably already knows that there are 8 limbs of yoga, but does everyone understand what they are and what they mean?

Like everything in life there are codes, well the 8 limbs are what yogis call the codes of life.

Firstly we have the Yamas. These are what I call the morales of basic existence. These observances keep harmony and peace within our relationship to the world. There are 5 levels of these starting with Ahimsa, this means not to harm anyone, anything or yourself in any way. This is not just physical but emotionally and spiritually. Basically be nice, kind , caring and forgiving without predjudice and if you are a meat eater just be respectful of the life that was given to nourish yours.

Satya is truth, not only with others but with yourself. Let’s face it you can’t be honest with others if you first aren’t honest with yourself. The truth can sometimes hurt but if said with love and not malice and you are authentic with it people will always understand ( maybe not right away).

Asteya is non attachment, you can have things but when you become so attached that it runs your life it can be toxic to your health and spirituality. All we have to remember is that nothing in life is permanent but gratitude is eternal. So be grateful for the wonderful things in your life and appreciate the wonderful life you have always remembering that nothing is permanent.

Brachmacharya means walking with god, this is the one that asks us to be aware of the sacredness of life and appreciate the beauty of everything that god, universe, spiritual realm has given us for today. To appreciate this we try and practice living without excess, and loving each moment as a holy and spiritual experience.

Aparigraha asks us to travel or pack lightly as we travel throughout life, letting go of ownership and loving everything in the moment. Don’t try and control everything just surrender to life and with the previous yamas you can really start to love life.

The Niyamas are the ones that allow us to be conscious in our own lives where the Yamas are making us socially conscious. There is also a few layers of this one just like the Yamas.

Saucha is the invitation to purity of the mind, body and spirit it encourages or invites us to cleanse and remove the heaviness in our lives the clutter in our spaces ( home, mind ) and to rid ourselves of distractions.

Santosha is honesty and emotional acceptance this is were accept that we don’t need whatever it is that we really want in this moment and being honest with ourselves about it. This asks us to open our hearts and accept and be grateful for for our current lives and not strive to add misery to ourselves by wanting more all the time as it is only the idea of the thing, item , object that we like and think will make us happy but once we have it we start to want “need” something else. Basically we make ourselves miserable but wanting more.

Well I will continue these later.



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