Children and yoga

Children can make your yoga practice an absolute laugh, they have their own styles and as long as you take the boss out of yourself you will find that this is a wonderful way to release your inner child.

Your inner child will help you to be freer and add a freshness to your practice it will also help you realise that yoga is not meant to be torture but a wonderful expression of your spiritual and physical self. 

I have a lot of mothers say that they find it hard to do a yoga practice with their children around and I always answer the same, stop over thinking and remember why you had children and how much fun you used to dream about being. Now think of who you are now, are you trying to hard to live up to social expectations of motherhood and racing around madly cleaning or are you spending the precious moments that are yours now. Always remember that your babies grow up really quickly and then they are gone and unfortunately all you have left is regrets that you should have , could have , would have.

Grab your mat, let your children interact, and enjoy the moment as you can always do the serious yoga later but, you can’t get your children’s youth back..

Stay beautiful,



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