It’s NOT ok to suffer

Ahimsa, this is the code that all yogis, Buddhist and Hindus live by this means that you do know harm to yourself or anyone else.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in his world that do not live by this code and therefore believe it is ok for them to belittle, and verbally if not physically abuse others including their partners. This behaviour is NOT ok and no one should ever have to feel like they are in danger of physical or mental torture.

I am a massive believer in love and friendship and encourage all women to love themselves and know that they are beautiful and feminine beings with personalities that is unique to them. I also want all women to understand that they are sisters and we should support each other not drag each other down with bitchy nastiest that we so often engage in.

It is absolutely terrifying to find out that a friend and beautiful spiritual women and sister has become a victim to domestic violence. Luckily for her she has escaped before it became physical. But wether physical or mental abuse is abuse and its not okay to feel shamed, terrified and horrible you should feel loved, beautiful, and feminine as you are all of these things you are a goddess and should feel free to flow with the beauty of life.

Please all my wonderful sisters out there be ready to support not criticise our fellow sisters, become the sisterhood that we are meant to be. Love, beauty, serenity, peace, surrender are all part of this  beautiful spiritual healing energy that we can enjoy and share with our wonderful sisters.

Stay beautiful 😘

Namaste 🙏🏻


2 Comments on “It’s NOT ok to suffer

  1. WOW its so rare for someone to really come out and care about others honestly, mostly they are judgemental or authoritative about it never understanding or supporive

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