When the vibrations align 🕉☮️

Vibrations are a high part of our lives wether we realise or not, they help us to cope make us secure in ourselves and are the essence of our true natures, when out of alignment they make us suffer with anxiety, stress and a feeling of hopelessness we become unable to cope with our daily lives and our wonderful personalities become blended and confused, we are no longer the person that we where born to be.

As someone who has been in a position where I did everything to please others I understand how confused you become and how when you think that you are just avoiding pain for yourself and others by doing things that are against your true nature you cause more pain for yourself, sure you are in fact pleasing the other person but at a great loss to yourself as you begin to feel an emptiness and slowly become resentful and even anxious you don’t want to say NO so you start to hide from others.

Overtime you become a shell where people can take from you but nothing ever fills your heart with happiness, but instead anxiousness, you can become so disalusioned that you become depressed.

When you finally realise that this is happening you can start by repairing your energies and vibrations, yes it will take time and yes it can be painful and distressing but in the end you will feel light and a freedom that is wonderful and beautiful. Start small and slowly cutting certain things(people) out of your life that you call all the time but they NEVER call you, we all have them so start to clean them out of your life, slowly clean up your social network pages there is definitely people there that have not contacted you in years and are only there to increase your friend status and theirs. Surrender to this slowly and you will start to feel better than you have in years.

Once you start to take control of your life in this way you will find it easier and easier, always remember that others want like this as their doormat is leaving and they will put up a fight especially takers they always do, so be strong and realise you don’t have to defend yourself to them( they want to you).

Be beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous, amazing and fantastically you. You are the only one of you so surrender to yourself and except the person you where born to be and don’t be sorry for being you.

🕉☮️ sorry for the poor grammar and punctuation but this is me and overtime I have excepted this.


Stay beautiful and gorgeous 💋💋☯️❤️❤️☯️


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