Yoga & Meditation day February 18th 2017

Our first wonderful yoga -meditation day for 2017 is in Grafton NSW. With all of our fantastic events we only have limited numbers available so we do advise booking and paying early to avoid missing out as our waiting lists do add up quickly.

Yin yoga with Hatha influences relaxes and rejuvenates the whole body. Yin is practiced in a relaxed environment and doesn’t focus on postural correctness as much as comfort and recovery, this form of yoga is slow and mediative. we stay in each of the asanas(postures) for 5-7minutes which allows the whole body to fully relax giving it time to work on the tendons and fasciae rather than the muscle.

Yin asanas are not standing postures these are postures that are for finding stillness, staying in balance and cooling the body. Yang asanas are mostly standing asanas these are referred to as masculine or Yang which relates to movement or heating the body. Yin is the feminine form (seated).

Yin yoga comes from the taoist  tradition and when you finish a fabulous Yin class you walk away looking and feeling wonderfully zonked.

I look forward to catching up with everyone on the day, and please remember we will have a fabulous lunch created by the wonderful Rani to help us feel light and energised. for more information please email me or call all numbers and contacts are on the NFBodies Facebook page. or send me the below form.

Have a fab week beautiful.

Namaste 🙂


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