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Yoga for all

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I know, I know, everyone has a youtube channel these days so how is ours different….well I dare you to try and find a channel that incorporates Yoga, Beekeeping and Homesteading (Self sufficient living) in one space..

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Yep I am officially taking a stand,
I believe that everyone has the right to live in peace and practice their religion in whatever way they choose…I DO NOT however agree with the process of destroying a way of life so that yours becomes prominent in a society that you have come to live.

I have become feed up with the corrosion of the christian way of life that is Australia, starting with the sudden lack of christmas carols over christmas and now the removal of the word EASTER for easter eggs by CABURY …Why is it that we need to remove these things and now secretly refer to them so that we do not offend islamic culture when they have come to live in a christian country that is tolerant of all other religions, races and peoples, why is it the certain councils no longer can have ham or bacon on the menu because of a muslim in council…Why is it that AUSTRALIANS think that if we all sit quietly within our own homes and bitch and wine about the injustice and slow progression of elimination of our culture that things will get done. Why is it that the country that apparently has FREE SPEECH is now unable to speak freely on a subject that all are unhappy with.

It is time to take a STAND AUSTRALIA….Be heard don’t leave it to the few and think she’ll be right mate because it wont unless we speak up… I am boycotting CABURY this year as we believe in this house that EASTER is EASTER and should be written all over the place as it ihas been for ever in a day, it is our right as a christian country and democracy to be heard and speak up.

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Finding contentment with YOGA


Finding contentment in todays society with its high pace and social must haves is hard…lets face it who has time to be content when you barely have time to go to the toilet!!!

Well, I have created a yoga flow that will help to ground you and find the contentment and gratitude that is hidden deep within your subconscious mind. Try flowing with this in a natural setting, no shoes and releasing into mother earth, feeling her energies and embracing your own uniqueness and beauty.

Love’N’Light to all

Yoga Hippy


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Guinea Fowl NEST

Woohoo I am so excited we found our guinea fowls nest and she has sixteen eggs under her.

I have done some reading and most say that we should take at least half of the eggs off her and put them in an incubator… hmm do I do this and tamper with nature or do I allow mother and keets to do their own thing???

I think for this lot I will give mum a chance to raise them and try not to run their little legs off and this way we can have a few more guineas running around.

Well just thought I would share this awesome news and look forward to hearing your news to.

Love and Light people of the world.

❤️Yoga Hippies❤️

What We eat in a day??

So it seems all the rage at the moment to discuss what we eat we eat in a day and I have been asked a lot of questions about this due to having small children, being a yoga teacher and the way we live. Well here it is front and centre!

We are not Vegan, pales or full vegetarian. I am mostly vego but don’t force anyone to follow my diet as Mine is best suited to my digestive system. 

Now the big question, what we eat in a day I will give a warning it is standard and boring…


Me….smoothie with spinach leaves, banana, Greek yogurt, berries, pepitas, chai seeds, linseeds, sunflowers and tomato.

Kids &Stuart ….cereal (weetbix) yogurt, honey…. This is whatever amount they would like usually.


Me…Corn crackers with hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers (whatever is seasonal)

Kids & Stuart…. Whatever they want me to make….bacon & egg muffins, sandwiches etc


Me and the family……whatever I decide to cook that evening and depends on how hungry everyone is ( no point cooking a roast dinner if they only want a toastie) 


I usually make hummus and have it there for whoever wants some with some homemade seed crackers or some black sesame crackers, this is added to cut carrot sticks, cucumbers, tomato slices, banana, you name it we probably have it we tend to work on seasonal eating so at the moment watermelon, pumpkin, corn, cucumbers, beans and potatoes are common.

So there you have it….I am a person that goes with what my body wants and needs and I let the family have a say in what they would like within healthy eating ranges. 

Everyone’s body is different and the most important thing about nutrition is that you listen to your body and what it needs to be at its best.

Gratitude for life.

This week I created a gratitude yoga flow that I uploaded onto our YouTube channel this morning. I have already been asked how thinking you are grateful for things in your life helps, especially since you have to work for everything. To be grateful for something, someone or everything in your life helps you to open up an free yourself from negativity.

I am so grateful for the life I love and every evening I give thanks to the universe for the beautiful souls that they have allowed me to reside with in this lifetime. I am also so grateful for the man that I call my husband, the place I live, the friends that are now family and all the beautiful souls I meet.

Why anyone in this universe would assume that they have become, gone or received anything in life without divine help is beyond me as we all have spiritual guides around us speaking to us, helping us, guiding us.

Last week I did a goddess yoga flow, to help, empower and help us all to remember that we are all strong, and to surrender to and be grateful for the beautiful person we are.

Well I know that I will continue to be grateful and show gratitude for the life I have and know that the blessings that I receive in life are due to the universal creators deciding that I am worthy.

Love & Light

Yoga Hippies


Once were single but now together

Beekeeping – girls guide

Yep I said it, a girls guide, this simply means that I have the information from Stuart and read plenty of text and don’t have hands on experience ( unless you count the few trips working in the apiary ).

So here we go.

FACT 1. Bees are all girls except the drone that impregnats the queen so she can lay baby bees for the rest of her life.

FACT 2. Bees need both pollen and nectar

FACT 3. All newly laid eggs in the hive are fed Royal Jelly for the first few days.

FACT 4. Pollination of plants is achieved when the bee pops in and out of the flower .

FACT 5. The pollen attaches to the bee in what are called pollen sacks on the back legs

FACT 6. The honey bee is responsible for over 80% of pollination worldwide.

FACT 7. Eggs chosen by the queen will be feed royal jelly and emerge as young queens 16 days later.

FACT 8. Royal jelly is a milky substance produced by the nursing bees

FACT 9. Once the baby queens emerge they leave the hive and mate with a drone and make a new hive.

FACT 10. Worker bees ( all female ) have multiple jobs and emerge after 21 incubation ( kinda like baby chicks).

FACT 11. A hive consists of between 60-80 thousand bees ( jus a few hey)

FACT 12. Equipment needed for the basics

  • Hive
  • Hive tool ( thing that lifts frames)
  • Smoker ( pine needles go in, light with matches, smoke comes out when squeezed, ( kinda like a bellow))
  • Beekeepers veil, ( Stuart wheres a cricket hat with veil over top)
  • Beekeeping suit ( he doesn’t where this but I did)
  • Beekeeping gloves ( eh only if you like your hands the way the are)
  • oh yeah you need bees! ( kinda defeats the purpose without them )

FACT 13. The honey you collect you can eat and share with family and friends and enjoy that part of SELF SUFFICIENT living.

Thats my guide to beginner beekeeping….hope you enjoyed.

Have an awesome day.



Product Review …. APPS

WARNING, Mega BITCHING about to happen……!

I am so sick an tired of downloading apps for our video, photo editing and having to sit through endless amounts of advertising with them hoping that I will just buy the app…… Why the hell would I purchase your app if I haven’t even got a project done without having 4 advertisements pope up that waste 15 seconds each for games I have and will never play and then of course the endless marketing at the bottom of the app….

I have had enough! if you want payment for your app offer the first project free add free and then charge for your service from there this way everyone knows what your app can do and don’t have to sit through all the crap…. or place your cost up top so we know how much they will be if we like it.

Today I downloaded slideshow magic to stitch photos together for a new video and as I am doing this a star wars game popped up, then a candy game and then some courses and I hadn’t even finished picking the photos.

I am very dissatisfied with this as it is constant and annoying.

NO Yoga Hippy awards for these apps at all 😦

End mega bitch.


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